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Welcome to Detecon Austria

Our business is consulting, our strength is digital technologies and networks. For 40 years, we have been supporting companies and telecommunication providers around the world to sustainably improve their competitiveness and performance across the entire value chain with the help of innovative technologies. We also offer our clients solutions in all fields of classic management consulting: strategy, organisation, processes and HR management.

Today, digitalisation has become a cross-sector challenge of the globalised economy. Digital technologies are no longer just business assistants, but IT is becoming the core of products, business models and processes. Broadband networks provide the platform for a networked world. Detecon's consultants help their clients to rethink business models, to digitalise workflows and processes, to connect customers with companies and to build platforms for customers, companies and products.


Our unique selling proposition is the combination of

  • technological expertise,
  • business know-how and
  • transformation experience

Bridge between business and technology

We build the bridge between the business and technology perspective. With this ability we guide our clients through the digital transformation. Detecon is the partner for you, who not only understands the technology and its possibilities, respectively implications, but also shows you the way how you can profit most from it. We have successfully supported our clients in over 20,000 projects at home and abroad, from San Francisco to Dubai to Beijing.

As a result, we understand our clients' processes and business models and know how they can use technology to gain that crucial and sustainable competitive edge. An excerpt from our consulting portfolio reflects our claim to support our clients holistically in optimisation and realignment

Where to find us

Detecon Consulting Austria GmbH
Kohlmarkt 8-10/1
1010 Vienna
Phone: +43 1740 403710
Fax: +43 1740 403713

Get in touch with us

Dr. Ralf Helbig
Managing Director of Detecon (Schweiz) AG and Detecon Consulting Austria GmbH
+41 43 8886504

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