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Detecon is a globally active management consultancy that combines classic management consulting and vast technological expertise as considering both areas in parallel drives the future performance of every organization.

Our Core Competencies
Our business is consulting, our strength digital technologies and networks. For 40 years, we have been supporting companies and telecommunication providers to improve sustainably their competitive position and their performance throughout the complete supply chain by using innovative technologies. Additionally, we provide our clients solutions in all fields of classic consulting: strategy, organization, processes and HR management.

How Can We Support You?
Today, digitization has become a cross-industry challenge of the global economy. Digital technologies are not only tools of businesses, but IT is becoming the core of products, business models, and processes. Broadband networks build the foundation of a connected world. The consultants of Detecon support their clients to rethink business models, to digitize processes, to connect customers with companies, and to build platforms for customers, companies and products.

Our unique featureis the combination of

  • Technological expertise,
  • Business know-how, and
  • Transformation expertise.


Our Expertise for You

Interlink Business and Technology
We build the bridge between business and technological perspective. Based on this capability, we guide our clients through the digital transformation.

Detecon is your partner that does not only understand the technology, its possibilities as well as its implications, but also supports you to get the most out of it.

We have successfully accompanied organizations in more than 20,000 projects in Austria and abroad from San Francisco to Dubai and Beijing. This is why we understand the processes and business models of our clients and know how they can apply technologies to gain deciding and lasting competitive advantage.

An excerpt of our consulting portfolio reflects our holistic approach in supporting our clients in their optimization and realignment.

  • Company Rebuilding: The company rebuilding approach enables companies to be dynamically robust and innovative. Our focus lies on transformational products and thus on the utilization of network effects.
  • Organization & Processes: Organizations and processes of corporations are the center of our work globally.
  • IT Management & Platforms: Technologies like cloud computing, internet of things, and blockchain provide opportunities for companies to optimize, standardize and further consolidate their application landscape. Additionally, companies can profit from the usage of highly innovative connected services.
  • Networks & Technologies: Detecon supports telecommunication providers and leading companies on their way to a more flexible and efficient organization. An important pillar is the virtualization of the formerly monolithic IT in data centers.
  • Beyond Consulting: “Practice what you preach!” According to this slogan, we do not count on our clients only, but also on co-innovation and ecosystems.

Your contact

Dr. Ralf Helbig, Managing Director der Detecon (Schweiz) AG sowie der Detecon Consulting Austria GmbH
Dr. Ralf Helbig
Managing Director of Detecon (Schweiz) AG and Detecon Consulting Austria GmbH
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