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Strengthening competitiveness in a digitalized world

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Operating models, processes and applications for controlling companies in various industries are our focus - worldwide. 

The optimisation of process and cost structures has moved back into focus at the latest since the start of the Corona pandemic. This is where digitalisation shows its second face: digital technologies such as cloud, automation, 5G and AI offer companies new solutions for process optimisation in many areas. This is accompanied by improved cost structures and qualified deployment opportunities for employees. This efficiency potential is far from being exhausted! 

Detecon has strong digital technology expertise and can therefore evaluate and advise on the strategic use of these technologies. Combined with our many years of experience in strategy and process consulting in a wide range of industries, Detecon is your competent partner for customised efficiency programmes based on digital technology.

Every year we compile an update of our Digital Efficiency Index. The Digital Efficiency Index is an empirically based analysis of digital efficiency in various industries and provides our clients with orientation. 

Digital Efficiency

Our Best-practices

How do digital technologies help companies to increase their competitiveness? What digitalisation priorities are other companies planning for the future? And where do you stand in comparison to the rest of the industry?

These and other questions are currently on the minds of many companies in the context of digital transformation. Together with our partners Lünendonk & Hossenfelder GmbH and T-Systems Multimedia Solutions, we analyzed the topic of digital efficiency in detail as part of a study and asked 123 top managers about their experiences and digitisation strategies. From the results, we were able to develop approaches to solutions for current problems.

Your target: a robust operating model

A robust operating model is a key enabler for driving effective change in the organization – it can act as a backbone for the future-proof organization, is able to mitigate adverse effects, allows capitalizing on new opportunities and fosters adaptability.

Detecon has a proven approach to support clients from defining their strategy to the successful implementation of an effective digital target operating model:

  • Where do I go? Vision, mission and strategic imperatives provide the client with strategical advice for the main areas on their transformation journey.
  • What do I need to get there? Based on the defined strategy, a comprehensive assessment and relevant benchmarks, an envisioned target picture can be developed and outlined.
  • How do I get there? Design principles translate the strategy into concrete requirements for the target operating model concept. Based on the design principles and the target picture, a holistic concept is developed along the five core dimensions Organization, Processes, People & Skills, Systems & Data, Partner Ecosystem.

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Possible challenges and solution approaches on the digital journey

Organization, control, financial management, processes, and applications – what questions do CxOs ask themselves?

How do I prepare my operating model for digitalization?
How can i manage digital products and get them on the road?
How do I establish agile digital processes?
How do I exploit digital potential/respond to disruptive changes?
What form must a digital CFO agenda take?
How do I steer an agile, digital organization?

Our consulting portfolio

Our services - tailored for each client

Reorganization and restructuring
HR management
CFO advisory
Business process management and applications
ERP and SAP advisory
Wholesale and regulation

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Our experts will be glad to explain how we can help you leverage efficiency potential through digitalisation in your organisation.

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