Digital Value Creation

Digital ecosystems and innovation-driven digital growth

Digital Value Creation

Digitization is in full swing. This decade will be characterized like no other by the further development, distribution and use of digital technologies, services and products.

Technological progress combined with social change opens up a multitude of growth opportunities and at the same time poses a threat to established business models, services and products.

More detailed information about features and drivers of the "Digital Value Creation" can be found in our article here.

On the one hand, digitization enables completely new offerings that were not technically possible in the past, and on the other hand, market entry barriers can disappear and thus replace existing products and services.

The Digitization enables innovative companies that are willing to change to improve and develop their entire business model or to offer completely new services and products - regardless of industry, size and market position.

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Steffen Kuhn
Managing Partner | Global Head of Digital Strategy & Innovation
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