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The Digital Strategy & Innovation Chapter has the vision that all organizations, customers and employees will benefit from digital change. Therefore it is our mission to bring our clients strategy to life by transforming ideas into real business impact based on agile competence networks. We empower the employees, integrate the customers and guide through the cultural, technical and organizational change.

Strategize out Loud!

Digital Strategy Workshops

Workshop Strategize out Loud

How does a clear digital strategy drive your company's growth and competitiveness and strengthen its resilience? With Detecon's digital strategy framework, we support you in gaining an understanding of your company's current situation, identify essential digital fields of action, and work out together with you how the best progress can be made in a concrete way.

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Our service portfolio

Tailor-made for our customers, our range of services

CEX, Marketing & Sales
CEX, Marketing & Sales

We help our clients to create and maintain an exceptional customer experience in terms of digital business models and a holistic customer-centric approach. Creating customer-centric value for innovation-driven growth.

Corporate & Digital Strategy
Corporate & Digital Strategy

In digital markets, linear business models are disappearing. Platform economy, ecosystems and extreme customer focus dominate now. Corporate strategy defines the environment, ambitions, playing fields, direction, rules and resources of the company.

Innovation Management

For companies to survive in the digital future, they must focus on talents and technologies that produce promising innovations and are open to upcoming ecosystem changes.


We, a team full of expertise, are committed to taking the value creation of companies to a new level in the new circumstances brought about by the ongoing digitalization.

Trends for the Next Decade

Mastering the Digital Takeover

Mastering the Digital Takeover: Companies that overlook the next waves of groundbreaking developments run the risk of breaking up! Our experts at the Detecon Digital Engineering Center are looking at the trends that need to be considered for the digital era in a series. With concrete recommendations for action, we show ways in which companies can take advantage of the opportunities offered by digital transformation and develop themselves successfully for the digital future.

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Our experts will be happy to explain how we can support you in your digitization strategy.

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