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Global competition, increasing variety and declining brand loyalty dominate the industries: The automotive industry is under constant cost pressure. The customer expects more and more equipment for the same money. Connected Car is already an essential part of modern mobility concepts. Test fields for autonomous driving are emerging in the urban traffic environment of metropolises. In addition to efficient structures and processes, innovative products, flexibility in order processing and the consistent alignment of all processes and systems to the needs of the customer are the key to success in the digital age in order to stand out from the emerging competitors from China, India and the Eastern European states.

As a leading technology and management consultancy, we plan the digital strategy of production, the conception of a smart factory or a digital twin together with our customers. Furthermore, we are able to accompany the organizational and technical implementation as well as to take over tasks in transformation management.

Our Services

Smart Mobility

Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) combines all conceivable types of passenger transport, from bus, train and taxi to car and bike sharing. The focus is not on the vehicle, but on the user who orders the desired mobility via app or browser. The offers' attractiveness results mainly from the digitalization of the entire processes. "We assume that Mobility as a Service will bring about a significant change in the market," was confirmed by the participants of the Detecon expert roundtable on mobility concepts of the future.

Intelligent shared data concepts are decisive for the success of smart traffic systems: In the competition to win over customers, data is already being collected today - to some extent unsystematically and unstructured. On this basis, new services and products should be developed or existing offers optimized. The central element of a sustainable data strategy can be an open platform system to which many people can connect, combine their mobility offers and optimally realize potentials.

Smart Factory

The smart factory, i.e. the intelligent processing of the customer order in production, is a central element of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Detecon develops new, smart factory concepts (Green Field), but also transforms existing factories (Brown Field) holistically. This includes all areas from a smart, holistic production system, layout planning, value stream analysis, automation, to the introduction of advanced MES and PLM solutions, especially factory concepts such as the digital twin.

Connected Car / Smart Engineering

The networking of vehicles is revolutionizing the automotive industry and shifting the focus from the production of pure hardware - the vehicle - to software development, the connected car services. These not only offer great potential for opening up new business areas, but also the chance to take customer loyalty to a new, digital and data-based level.

The classic development of predominantly monolithic software packages according to the waterfall method is often complex. Today, modern development frameworks are also finding their way into the development departments of OEMs. In addition to agile methods, DevOps in particular is right at the top of the agenda.

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