Establishing an Ecological Sustainability Strategy for Companies


Practice responsibility, enable sustainability – this should be the guiding maxim for all companies! Effective contributions to climate protection come in no small part from digital technologies that can help to reduce emissions and to conserve resources.

We support you as you establish a strong position for an ecologically sustainable future by following digital methods. Detecon itself is striving to be climate-neutral by 2030. We also want to offer this prospect to all our clients – as a concrete goal or as a positive secondary effect of our consulting activities.

Acting instead of reacting so as to be a part of the business world oriented to sustainability. External requirements and regulations demanding environmental sustainability have been on the rise for some time and obligate companies to act. Besides political resolutions such as the Paris Climate Agreement or the European Green Deal, many customers are also calling for significant climate protection efforts on the part of suppliers and providers. Ignoring these expectations could result in exclusion from market segments or loss of competitiveness. And last, but not least, the company’s own employees are all the more enthusiastic about an employer who credibly takes steps to protect the climate.

Let us act together in the spirit of environmental sustainability so that we can ensure that all people of present and future generations can enjoy an intact environment.

6 steps for an ecological sustainability strategy

Sustainability – Challenges and Possible Solutions

We recommend a transparent approach along 6 essential key questions:

Scope definition
Environmental baseline
Ambition level
Change management

Fields of action

Green IT
Green IT

Energy efficiency in data centers; cloud and office IT infrastructure for lower costs and a lower carbon footprint. The Green IT strategy covers the entire value-added chain: hardware and provider selection, make-or-buy decisions, renewable energy, security aspects, recycling.

Sustainable products
Sustainable products

Evaluation of the ecological impact of products and solutions. Optimization based on the findings obtained during the evaluation and fact-based communication to customers and investors.

Supplier management
Supplier management

Definition of environmental aspects and standards. Introduction of a supplier strategy focusing on the previously defined aspects for new and existing supplier contracts. Evaluation and monitoring of suppliers.

New Normal
New Normal

Establishment of a “New Normal” in the workplace to respond to changing needs, to identify new opportunities, and to heighten employee engagement. In addition to positive ecological effects, the focus is on employee satisfaction, productivity, and cost reduction.


Definition of intelligent and sustainable mobility concepts that, for one, raise employee awareness of the issue of sustainability and, for another, avoid mobility emissions.

Smart manufacturing
Smart manufacturing

Optimization of power consumption based on production capacity/renewable energy sources. Efficient material use: tracking of material waste, identification of efficient processes featuring lower material consumption. Example augmented reality: maintenance and repair of machines without traveling.

Green Software Engineering
Green Software Engineering

Efficiency of Data Flows / Green coding rules / Analysis of highest emission applications / Hotspot Analysis / Verification of load status on hardware components / Life cycle assessment of a product/solution as part of eco design


Striving for Sustainability!

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Harness the power of digital to reduce your carbon footprint: Steffen Roos (Detecon) explains at the HannoverMesse 2021 how a sustainable digitization strategy dan help companies their own path to better climate compatibility and sustainability!

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Steffen Roos, Managing Partner, Detecon International GmbH
Steffen Roos
Managing Partner | Business Technology
Camilla Willeke
Camilla Clara Willeke
Senior Consultant | Sustainability & SmartCity
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