Verena Vinke
Verena Vinke

Managing Consultant

Verena Vinke works as Managing Consultant in our Strategy & Innovation Chapter. She advises companies on the design of digital transformation and the associated changes in corporate and work culture. Her passion lies particularly in the area of organizational development. She believes that corporations in particular continue to use approaches developed for the old world. However, market conditions have changed in the meantime, so that corporations must be prepared for disruptive 'attacks' from start-ups at any time. To protect corporations from this, Verena and her team develop innovative Company ReBuilding consulting approaches to combine the strengths of corporations with the strengths of start-ups, so that the big players in the digitized markets remain competitive.
In addition to organizational development in general, she works on topics such as design thinking, scrum, systemic coaching and ambidexterity to give her clients the skills they need to be people-centric and creative. Their assignments ranged from the telecommunications industry to the energy sector and trade.

Areas of competence:
  • Company ReBuilding
  • New Work
  • Transformation Management
  • HR Development
  • Systemic Coaching
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