User centered design methods & tools

from the series „Trends for the Next Decade“ (#10)

user centered design methods

Do you know what your customers really want?

Innovative products, services and business models can only be introduced in a scalable manner based on a deep understanding of the social environment and the intrinsic needs of users. Adopting a user-centric mindset and intelligently applied methods and tools in idea generation, strategy definition, and product and service development ensures a company's ability to innovate.

Unsere Handlungsempfehlungen

#1 Introduce User Centric Mindset & Culture to company.

#2 Create ad-hoc innovation inputs: Use formats such as Innovation Day, Hackathons, Start Up day, Prototyping Party to gather new insights and ideas.

#3 Embed user research and co-creation methods in value detection & generation.

#4 Apply Design Thinking & Lean Startup methods when defining new ventures, products or services.

#5 Structure digital product/service development and delivery using Agile & DevOps.

#6 Formalize innovation processes (Foresight / Gate / Incubation / Excubation / Assessment).

#7 Establish Innovation Excellence Centers: set up Hubs, Labs, Incubators by defining Strategy, Governance, Culture and Infrastructure.

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