Modern Workplace and Unified Endpoint Management

The Professionalization of "Remote Work" as Seen from an IT Perspective

During the current crisis, it is difficult for the CIO organization to establish strategic programs beyond Business Continuity Management that enable the further development of "remote collaboration". However, the experience gained from the crisis should immediately lead to follow-up programs.

Here Detecon offers a holistic consulting approach around the 10 dimensions of the digital workplace which includes various organizational and technical aspects which need to be taken into account and which together form a 360° view of the future workplace and the basis for uniform endpoint management. The 10 dimensions form a common thread for the entire project and are reflected in the formulated concepts and implementation plans. They include 1. the strategic thrust, 2. applications and use cases, 3. employee profiles, 4. ownership models, 5. devices and operating systems, 6. network access, 7. workspaces, 8. information security, 9. data protection and 10. operational management and processes.

At the beginning of each project, it should be determined together with the client which of the dimensions are particularly prioritized and should be discussed in more detail.

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