Sven Erdmann Is the New CFO at Detecon

Sven Erdmann is the new chief financial officer at Detecon International, the leading management and technology consultancy. He has simultaneously been appointed to the Executive Committee and is now in charge of Detecon’s results from the financial perspective. The Telekom Group’s in-house corporate consultancy guides clients during digital transformation around the world and advises them on topics such as strategies for digital business models, digital engineering, industrial IoT, and cyber-security.

“The appointment of Sven Erdmann to the Executive Committee at Detecon means that we have now filled all key positions with personnel who secure our prospects for optimal continuation of the strong course of growth of the company,” said Christian Till Roga, Supervisory Board Chairperson of Detecon.


Sven Erdmann was previously managing director of Deutsche Telekom Services Europe Slovakia s.r.o. where he was in charge of strategy development and the financial and operating results. He previously held various management positions within the Deutsche Telekom Group, including Director Finance for subsidiaries and holdings at Deutsche Telekom AG and Senior Vice President Enterprise Data Management at Deutsche Telekom Accounting GmbH. After earning certification as a banker, Sven Erdmann studied business administration at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg (Canada) and at the University of Applied Sciences in Bielefeld.

“Sven Erdmann has an enormous wealth of experience in the design of data management strategies. He is a specialist for business intelligence and has implemented groundbreaking digitalization programs in the finance and IT sectors,” said Dr. Heinrich Arnold, CEO of Detecon. “We will exploit his excellent expertise to expand our ‘thought leadership’ and our ‘innovator position’ in digitalization even further, both within our company and to the outside. The best advice comes from someone who leads the way himself with good, ideally best practice – I am absolutely convinced of that.”


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