Software Driven Business

from the series „Trends for the Next Decade“ (#4)

Software Driven Business

Exploit exponential growth by software

Software-driven business models enable companies to design their products in a highly measurable and scalable way and to shape important trends in their own favor with new functions of existing products. However, it is necessary to be able to react agilely and to bring software and new features to market continuously and as quickly as possible.

Our recommended actions

#1 Define specific measurable goals on how SW Driven Business, agile organizational structures and DevOps chain should improve your competitiveness.

#2 Establish a culture and target system that rewards agile collaboration, continuous learning, continuous improvement and ownership.

#3 Have design, implementation, and operation of new and changed software occur consistently across a team. 

#4 Use established standards (e.g. SAFe, LeSS, Scrum).

#5 Stop thinking in terms of projects and start thinking in terms of products that are continuously improved and get new features.

#6 Change culture and mindset, align processes and organizational structures with your value streams, and only then select the appropriate tools.

#7 Build a system architecture that allows software components to integrate and operate simultaneously and independently.

#8 Invite your employees and business partners to actively shape your SWDriven and Agile/DevOps transformation.

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