White Paper: Paradigms for Resilient Digitalization

Core Principles for Securing Industrial IT/OT Environments
Paradigmen für resiliente Digitalisierung

The increased interconnectivity of technology today requires a high level of innovation and understanding of the specific needs of these new ecosystems. New data sources and technologies enable new business models and the potential for digital value creation. This paper describes how security concerns can be taken into account when legacy environments embrace digitalization through remote work and new IoT products to secure the value created.

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Decorative picture in black and white showing a blue-silver robot arm with a screen showing a model drawing of a car.

Automotive & Manufacturing Industries

As a leading technology and management consultancy, we plan the digital strategy of production, the conception of a smart factory or a digital twin together with our customers. Furthermore, we are able to accompany the organizational and technical implementation as well as to take over tasks in transformation management.

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