Work 2028: Trends, Dilemmas and Opportunities

The winners will be the agile and flexible companies

How will we work in 2028? What effects do digitization and AI have on our work and our lives? How will management take place in ten years and how will companies have changed? Detecon investigated these and other questions together with Deutsche Telekom and Henley Business School. The results were summarised in the comprehensive study "Work 2028 - Trends, Dilemmas and Opportunities". The survey included 50 influential leaders from a wide variety of industries and sectors in various countries.

The aim of the study is to stimulate the debate on the opportunities and challenges of digitization and artificial intelligence (AI) through prognoses and controversial opinions and to initiate discussions. It shows well-founded prognoses for the next decade with regard to

  • future work concepts, organizational forms and leadership
  • central developments and trends in the environment of organisations and
  • tangible conclusions on how organisations and decision-makers can change their approach and act today

The Detecon authors Marc Wagner and Karla Blanke say: "The size of the company alone will offer no advantage in the development of the new, digital working worlds in 2028. Rather, those companies will be successful whose employees can act agile and flexibly in ad hoc networks for a variety of tasks".

Read also the following article in Deutsche Telekom's blog.

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