Accelerate your strategy with OKRs

Faster implementation of corporate strategy through increased alignment

What are OKRs?
What are OKRs?

Objectives are ambitious qualitative team goals providing the organization with clarity on intention, focus, and direction. Key results are quarterly-defined, quantitative metrics tracking team progress towards objectives.

What do OKRs look like?
What do OKRs look like?

Objective: We are the revenue gatekeepers – entrusted to monetize our products & innovations Key Result 1: Number of "partner" meetings attended by the team increases from 0 to 24. Key Result 2: Hit target revenue of 100k € in the quarter.

OKRs solve specific challenges that companies face

Common challenges and your advantage when utilizing OKRs:

Project progress is difficult to measure
Static objectives restrict ambition of enterprise
No transparency - strategies are locked within silos or verticals
Poor understanding of corporate strategy
Unclear implementation management, use of countless methods and tools

Our consulting service ensures a successful integration of OKRs into your company.

Thanks to the 4 pillars of the Detecon OKR approach, we help you to achieve the best possible results:

  1. Strategy & Corporate Governance
    We help you establish OKRs in your strategic plan and proactively prepare you for potential pitfalls during the rollout.
  2. OKR Cycle Rollout
    We accelerate your strategy by rolling out OKRs to your entire organization in 3 phases: Localize & Align OKRs, Focused Execution, and Retro & Reset of OKRs.
  3. WorkBoard Training & IT Integration
    We train your teams on how to digitally track the progress of their work with WorkBoard and integrate it with your existing IT landscape.
  4. Certification & Skill Building
    We certify OKR coaches in your organization and give your teams the keys to autonomously drive the next OKR cycles.

Our OKR approach "Strategy Accelerator" delivers tangible results in just 90 days.

Our approach consists of 3 phases:

We work with our partner WorkBoard to help companies execute their strategy faster.

Detecon and WorkBoard are one team; thus, companies benefit from their combined expertise in services and platform management.

We will certify you as an OKR Coach and you will learn how to successfully implement OKRs in your company, lead OKR workshops, and act as an agile change management agent.

OKR coaches form the basis of a successful implementation of the OKR methodology in your company. They are internal employees and support your teams in defining and aligning OKRs.

The training program and certification includes classroom sessions, role-playing practice, offline exercises, and a final exam. It encompasses:

Detecon and WorkBoard have rolled out OKRs at 30+ internationally active companies of different sizes.

Detecon's OKR Team

Interested in learning more about the OKR methodology? Find our contact information below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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