How and Why to Cloudify

Understanding the need for cloudification in the telco world

Co-author of this opinion paper is Krzysztof Korzunowicz.


It is striking that in the recent past telcos have been surpassed by new players in the field of information technology – the biggest among them are Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google. From the start, these hyperscalers have realized and understood the need for an entirely agile, customer-centric approach that can be found in a cloudified environment. The claim of our opinion paper is that telcos’ (organizational) approaches have the wrong focus. All too often, they concentrate on specific features while project-based governance leads to the emergence of multiple enablers and multiple clouds, rendering a single general scheme of use impossible.

Our proposition is for telcos to shift their focus towards end-to-end processes and embrace concepts such as fault tolerance, CI/CD, and release on demand in an all-encompassing cloud as the basis for efficient service creation. Cloud native 5G technology in particular represents an extraordinary opportunity for telcos to aim for an end-to-end concept, incorporating agile principles and exploiting the benefits of a cloudified environment.

Read the entire opinion paper here.

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