Future Learning Study


By Marc Wagner, Jaqueline Engels, Samuel Schwab


Do we have to forget something in order to unleash the creative potential of our employees again in Germany?

In a complex and dynamic business environment in which technologies are almost freely available and digital talents are scarce, human resources is becoming the decisive value-adding factor. More than ever before, companies are dependent on their employees having the right skills and competences as well as the necessary knowledge to be able to act and adapt in a digitalized working environment at the same time. The inherent potentials of the company and organizational learning logically move into the strategic focus - not really new and yet not yet sustainably arrived in the companies.

But do employees want to learn at all? And if so, what motivates them? Is learning independent of age?

The new Detecon study addresses all these questions and shows that large German corporations are not yet sufficiently equipped in terms of learning measures. In cooperation with the Institute for Employment & Employability (IBE) and the EdTech startup HUMOVO Germany, the topic of learning in Germany's large corporations was examined more closely.

The results of the guideline-based interview series with experts from the participating companies form the starting signal for a series of further articles by our Detecon experts on the learning culture in companies.

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New Work, Agility & Culture

What can be done to break down the agility killers in the company, such as hierarchies, processes and control systems, and create a flexible and powerful innovation culture?

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