Detecon Trend Report

Oil and Natural Gas Industry Must Invest in New Technologies

Digitalization is in full swing and is bringing about profound transformation of companies and, indeed, entire industries and sectors. In the last several years, oil companies have had to struggle with relatively low oil prices and declining profit margins, which has diverted priorities away from the topics of innovations and investments in this field.

The search for, assessment, and comparison of new technologies and trends presents a challenge to companies, however, who are confronted with a scarcity of time and resources. This situation has prompted Detecon to take a close look at the latest developments in the oil and natural gas sector and to summarize the findings in a trend report that will give decision-makers in the industry a valuable overview over current and future trends that could become relevant for their own business model.

The trend report, prepared with the aid of the Detecon Radar, the online trend database of the Detecon Innovation Institute in San Francisco, consolidates a broad range of technological trends into seven trends specific to the oil and natural gas industry. These developments are followed for a number of years along the oil and natural gas supply chain: from exploration and production to transport, refining and on to trade and sales. In addition, every trend is assessed according to the following criteria: complexity, market penetration, risk, novelty, and maturity.


Please find detailed information here: Download Trend Report

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