Detecon Study: Digital Twins. Leading the Way to Tomorrow’s Ecosystems

Thirty-six percent of German companies and organizations have already developed initial concepts for digital twins. Fifty percent of them want to launch related pilot projects in the next twelve months, although more than fifty percent of the respondents do not plan to realize the transfer to ongoing operations for another three years. These are the findings of the current study “Digital Twins. Leading the Way to Tomorrow’s Ecosystems,” which the management consultancy Detecon has carried out in cooperation with the user association of the Cross-Business Architecture Lab e.V. (CBA Lab).

Expectations about the potential in cross-company ecosystems are especially high. While today almost eighty percent of those surveyed still use the digital twin only within the company, the picture will most likely be reversed in five years’ time; seventy-seven percent want to be using the digital twin above all in a cross-company function by then.

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Uwe Weber
Uwe Weber
Managing Partner, Digital Engineering Center
Dr.-Ing. Hendrik Grosser
Expert for Industrial IoT
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