The World in Crisis Mode — Telcos Create Stability

Telecommunications networks are critical infrastructures. Resilience and security from failures ensure high stability. Audits and professional safety concepts are some of the key pillars to assure this stability.

There is no end to the reports about serious crises. There was the financial crisis, the euro crisis, the migration crisis, the climate crisis, the COVID-19 crisis, and the globalization crisis, and now we have the war in Ukraine. The vehemence of this uninterrupted series of profound disruptions has given rise to multiple fundamental questions — about how we do business or live our lives, what political actions we take, or how we can maintain our prosperity and competitiveness, about how societies can become more resilient and self-sufficient.

The global COVID-19 crisis strikingly revealed how dependent individual nations and economic sectors are on globally dispersed supply chains, how quickly previously unknown shortage situations can arise and affect entire industries.

All industries are affected by these developments, including and in particular the telecommunications industry and network operators. The COVID-19 crisis provided impressive proof that well-developed network infrastructures enabling digital collaboration formats when working from home are the key prerequisite for ensuring that business and government can continue to function mostly trouble-free even during acute crises.