Stefan Schnitter

Managing Partner

+49 175 5254407

Stefan Schnitter is Managing Partner and expert for Cloud Transformation. Stefan previously served as Managing Director and Vice President Infrastructure at Deutsche Telekom PanNet to deliver cloud infrastructure and cloud-based telecommunications services across Europe. Stefan takes a broad view of cloud-related consulting topics, i.e. from a strategy, infrastructure, application, technology, organization, process or culture perspective. The target group of his cross-industry activities are customers from the telecommunications as well as the automotive & manufacturing and service industries.

"Cloud transformation is in full progress and a public cloud focused approach is delivering value across industries.  I want to help Detecon’s customers to make the journey to the cloud sustainable and secure from both a strategic and an operational perspective."

Core competencies:

  • Cloud Transformation Strategy
  • Cloud Operation Model
  • Sovereign Cloud
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Edge Cloud
  • FinOps