As a project manager, Samuel supports clients in various (HR) transformation projects and has gained many years of experience within different industries. He is an expert in the field of digital skills development and is co-responsible for the consulting portfolio Strategic Skill Transformation & Future Learning. In particular, he has supported clients in the design and implementation of future-oriented learning programs and, in particular, driven the development of effective organizational learning processes.

Samuel believes that every organization has the potential to be successful in the future. His passion lies in identifying the existing potentials of employees and organizations and jointly creating the necessary frameworks to continuously unleash and develop them in the future.

In his daily work, Samuel combines a creative and progressive mindset, with an analytical, structured approach and a willingness to break new ground. 

Which competencies will be particularly relevant in the future? How do you identify which competencies will be particularly needed in the organization in the future? What do effective and sustainable organizational learning processes look like? How do organizations create an attractive learning environment? These are the questions he is currently addressing for the most part at his clients.

Core competencies:

  • (Agile) project management
  • Learning organization
  • Skill transformation
  • Future-oriented learning programs
  • Learning strategy & learning culture
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