Joining the company at the end of 2015, Roman Saakel has been advising clients in the telecommunications, IT and public sectors in various countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. During his career, he has specialized in 5G & Connected Driving/Mobility, radio frequency auctions, and regulation of telecom and digital economy markets.

Before entering Detecon, Roman studied International Economics (M. Sc.) with a strong quantitative focus at the Universities of Tübingen and Marburg with stays in Ankara, Cairo and Beirut. Accordingly, Roman likes to quantify the problems of his clients in order to develop appropriate solutions - of course without disregarding the qualitative and especially intercultural components.

Core competencies:

  • 5G-enabled Connected Mobility
  • Development of quantitative forecasting and regulatory cost models
  • Industry expertise in the telco, IT and public sectors
  • Coordination & facilitation of cross-border IT & Telco collaboration
  • Project management, team coordination & intercultural management