Philipp Stipp

Senior Consultant

+41 43 8887498

Philipp Stipp is a Senior Consultant with expertise in business innovation, strategy development and IoT solutions. He advises manufacturing companies on strengthening their core business through the use of the right technologies and promotes the development of new business areas through the development of new business models.

With his degree in Business Innovation from the University of St. Gallen, his diverse project experience and his role as Squad Lead for Smart Manufacturing, Philipp is ideally positioned for his role as a consultant for digitalisation and innovation in the industrial environment.

In this regard, Philipp finds the rapid development of industry fascinating: "Where recently there was talk of digitising individual production steps or typical "predictive" use cases, the discussion now increasingly revolves around the development of intelligent human-machine systems and the formation of platform economies. In addition to new challenges, this brings all the more opportunities to further strengthen and innovate one's own business model."

Core competencies:

  • Digital Strategy
  • Business Innovation
  • Development of digital products
  • IoT Solutions
  • Business Engineering