Marcus Heuser has graduated in Business Economics and worked in the Consultancy Business since 2003. His career took him as Management Consultant for business process reengineering, transformation and change management across various industries around the world. 

In 2010 he got in contact with the agile movement for the first time, where he quickly adopted core elements of Scrum and Design Thinking to his projects. Already at an early stage, he recognized the positive effect on cycle times, the overall outcome, people’s motivation, and work ethics. Since that time, he filled the role as Scrum Master, RTE and Agile Coach in combination with traditional project management activities, to bridge the gap between agile and non-agile development, during large agile implementations.

Over the years he has become passionate about supporting organizations in transforming their value creation into an agile set up and got one of Detecon's agile lead coaches for agile enterprises and employee motivation. As certified SAFe-Trainer he would be glad to welcome you in one of Detecons next SAFe Training or as lead coach on an exciting agile transformation journey of your company.