Lino Lindner

Business Analyst

+49 30 212803002

Lino Lindner works in Detecon's Digital Engineering Center and advises customers on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). He is passionate about future-oriented solutions that result from a combination of technological understanding, strategic analysis and the implementation of an end-to-end information flow. Currently, Lino is working on future visions, strategies and their implementation in systems to help customers transform data into business value.

Lino holds a B.Sc. in transportation (Transport Systems) and is an M.Eng. Mechanical Engineering with a focus on cyber-physical systems, simulation, digital product development and systems engineering. After holding positions at FlixBus Dach GmbH and IL Innovationslabor GmbH, Lino started at Detecon in 2019 as a master's student and subsequently as a business analyst, where he strengthened his competencies in the topics IIoT, Digital Twin, and Systems Engineering.

Core competencies: 

  • IoT solutions of networked systems (smart city, smart mobility, smart manufacturing) 
  • Digital Engineering (3D modeling, simulation)
  • Innovation & Strategy
  • Prototyping (HW/SW)
  • Requirements Management
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