How to make a game-changing impact in digital transformation

The germ cell of success is often the common language of a team to discuss the impact that each individual naturally brings to a role, team or organization. Within the Digital Transformation Ecosystem we work with a digital diagnostic, that provides a framework of impact and contribution to deliver business outcomes.

The digital revolution creates both: significant chances and threats. In the age of digital transformation and emerging initiatives driving digitalization, different approaches have come into the spotlight as an excellent procedure to measure the progress of digitalization within an organization. The Digital Transformation Ecosystems (DTE) is one of these approaches used to assess the current state of capabilities that exist within an organization and to develop an understanding of where these capabilities possibly are transformed and improved.

The DTE framework considers the organization in four layers, the first three being: strategic, operational and cultural. Each must be addressed appropriately for digital transformation to be successful. A key difference in the DTE approach is that each of these layers is underpinned by a fourth, namely the data layer. Being data-driven provides greater insight to determine what needs to change in each layer and reinforces the business case and more objective, faster decision making.

The organization is more than the “boxes & wires” on an org chart. How people are structured, what work is done, what skills are utilized and individual proclivities all impact culture and performance. This is a multi-faceted challenge.

One of Detecon’s partners within the Digital Transformation Ecosystem is The GC Index®, a digital organimetric, that measures and describes five proclivities i.e. five different ways in which people are inclined to make an impact and contribution. It offers a language and a framework for people which is uncomplicated, effective and results-oriented. It is scalable, conscientious and adaptable. Yet it provides a predominantly level playing field in which everyone can contribute and have positive impact.

“The GC Index empowers everyone to make their best impact in their world, whether you are a Global CEO or a child in a developing country”, says Nathan Ott, CEO of The GC Index Ltd. “This digital instrument breaks down the traditional barriers of cross functional collaboration we see in organisations by showing how everyone can positively contribute to organisational goals both individually and collectively.”

Classified as a cool vendor for communications and service provider by Gartner, Inc. in Anno 2018 The GC Index® has been working with the TM Forum since 2014 and believes that everyone can have a positive impact on their world. The GC Index® has created a global community of GC Partners and GCologists that allows smooth and powerful interactions among HR and business leaders, bringing everyone closer to positive business outcomes.