Dr. Ralf Helbig

Managing Director of Detecon (Schweiz) AG and Detecon Consulting Austria GmbH

+41 43 8886504

Dr Ralf Helbig is Managing Director of Detecon (Schweiz) AG and Detecon Consulting Austria GmbH. He also heads the Global Industry Chapter Services & Industries. During his career at Detecon, he has worked internationally from Germany and MENA in addition to the Alpine region. Ralf is firmly convinced that technology does not work without people. Anyone who deals with digitalisation must always understand and take along the people in addition to the technology. Only through this synergy can something good come into being!

Ralf already encountered digitalisation during his first degree in agricultural sciences and international agricultural development, for example in the form of transponders for individualised cattle feeding, self-driving tractors and autonomously controlled fertiliser systems. He came to technology and management consulting via his habilitation in corporate management and process management at the University of Bonn, where he is now a private lecturer in corporate management and business process management. During his many years of consulting experience, he was able to apply his expertise in programme and project management with a focus on the pharmaceutical, telecommunications, transport, and logistics industries.

In managing Detecon Alpine, Ralf focuses on providing his team with a clear vision to identify with and motivate employees with a deeper purpose for their work. This agile management makes it possible to keep the company flexible and constantly adapt to market and competitive developments as well as technological innovations.  

Core competencies: 

  • IT Strategy & IoT Strategy  
  • Enterprise Architecture  
  • Digitalisation Strategy 
  • Agile Transformation  
  • Digital Innovation 
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