Disruption in the energy industry

The energy sector is changing: the switch to renewable power generation combined with decentralised energy production and digitalisation pose major challenges for energy supply companies (EVU). The generation mix is becoming more and more fragmented, which has an impact on the grid, metering and sales. The utilities must aggregate the decentralised energy producers, organise the resulting data securely and keep track of it. In addition, they have to manage the smallest energy flows and control signals at low transaction costs and at the same time develop new distribution models.

Against this background, does blockchain technology offer the opportunity to disruptively change the energy market? In a German-language study, Detecon has investigated the potential significance of blockchain as a disruptive technology in the energy industry. Which use cases are promising, at what stage are the preparations and what are the biggest hurdles before deployment?

You can download the study here. (only available in German).