Detecon Alumni today: Norman Thom

From when to when did you work at Detecon? What was your position?

From January 2000 till June 2001, I was employed as a Consultant of the Competence Center Digital Business at Diebold Germany. 

What were the most exciting Detecon moments for you?

Within the framework of the digital business project for Andreae-Noris-Zahn AG, I quickly grew into the role of a project manager. It was an exhilarating time in the NewEconomy: new business models, different thinking, a non-hierarchical approach.
In the project for Bayer's unit Animal Health, it was primarily the team that impressed me and still guides my thoughts today.

What company do you work for today? What is your primary field of work there?

Today I am working as managing partner/CEO for a value-added reseller in the packaging film industry. My focus lies on international sales and purchasing of packaging solutions and the implementation of our growth strategy in the form of an add-on strategy. I have already led CLARUS Films into the second round of private equity and we are currently working on the internationalization of our niche player.

What did you particularly appreciate at Detecon and what do you miss from the "old days"?

The Diebold corporate philosophy has a deep impact on me. The preserved family entrepreneur consulting approach made the difference for me back then. I miss the many "types" with strong characters that I had the pleasure to get to know as colleagues and superiors.

In which three hashtags do you describe Detecon?


Thank you for the interview, Norman!