Detecon Alumni today: Malte Mertes

When did you work at Detecon? In what capacity?

I spent exactly two years with Detecon in beautiful Cologne from 2016 to 2018. After my studies in Maastricht, I first worked as a Business Analyst and then as a Consultant for various clients.

Which were your most shaping moments at Detecon?

I could name many exciting moments! All in all, I found the diversity and variety of projects very interesting. Depending on the respective project, I worked in a new team constellation on a new topic for a new customer. Once you have gone through this process a few times, you quickly understand where the term "learning curve" comes from. In terms of content, I found a project involving electromobility particularly exciting. Back then, we developed a concept for charging infrastructure in Germany for a large corporation in a mixed team of consultants and employees. After the project, I saw that our client was really going to market - that was a cool feeling!

Which company do you work for today? What are your main tasks there?

Today I work for Schacht One, Haniel's digital unit. We support the companies of the Haniel Group in their digitization. We identify, validate and incubate new business opportunities and enhance existing structures with new technologies. In this context, I carry out projects and also deal with the question of how to optimally utilize Haniel's investments in venture capital funds for our purposes.

What did you appreciate most about Detecon and what do you miss from the 'old' days?

From my own experience, Detecon is ideal for career starters who want to develop further in a pleasant environment. You are challenged but also encouraged by more experienced colleagues, and at the same time, you have a lot of freedom to orient yourself in terms of the topics you want to work on. Apart from that, Detecon is characterized by its down-to-earth employees, with whom you can not only work well together but also have a lot of fun. A few moments remain in the best of my memories!

In which three hashtags do you describe Detecon?




Thank you very much for the interview, Malte!