Detecon Alumni today: Heiko Schomberg

From when until when did you work at Detecon? In which function?

From February 2011 to September 2015, I worked in changing roles in Detecon's HR department: After my start as HR Business Partner for the predecessor of the I&S cluster, I was Head of Personnel Marketing and Recruiting for eleven months. Afterwards, I was responsible for the service teams as People Manager. In addition, I was Diversity Officer at Detecon from May 2013 until my retirement from Detecon. In addition, I have developed and supported numerous projects, recruiting activities and formats over the past four and a half years.

Which were your most exciting Detecon moments?

Negotiating the restructuring in the transformation project "Simplify Services" - on behalf of Gabi Kettl: That was both exciting and "instructive". To negotiate something professionally, which one subjectively considers to be completely wrong: One is happy about the sporting success, but such a real feeling of happiness simply doesn't want to happen.

The introduction of the SAP vacation tool was as instructive as it was exciting - I never thought how emotional the topic of vacation planning could be. And how upsetting the subsequent "hypercare phase" is, I certainly wouldn't have dreamed of it!

In 2012/2013, I also worked intensively on a "rebuild program"; this was also a completely new experience for me, because I had previously only been involved in recruiting and not decruiting. Because no matter how much 'perfume', outsourcing offers and sprinter bonuses you use, the message is always the same: We want to part with you. That wasn't easy for everyone involved.

Which company do you work for today? What are your main tasks there?

Since October 2015 I have been working for the world's leading life science company Bayer in the immediate vicinity of Cologne. My e-mail signature says 'Manager Digital Talent Marketing'. In this role, I not only take care of the social media ecosystem and the business networks surrounding our career website, but I have also worked intensively on the #BAYER360 project right from the start. #BAYER360 allows us to show areas that you would otherwise never see as an applicant or at the earliest on the first day of work. We developed this very successful project into #VRCA in order to make Bayer interesting even for very experienced job observers. You can find out more in an interview with saatkorn.

In addition, I'm also interested in getting digital talents excited about Bayer, not just through the Digital Campus Challenge, which also featured former Bavarian intern Jessica Stimac and Marc Wagner as visitors. So what I learned about digitization at Detecon still helps me today at Bayer.

What did you appreciate most about Detecon and what do you miss from the 'old' days?

Quite clearly: the people. The answer should come as no surprise to an HR consultant as it directly referes to people's business. But it is especially true for Detecon: I remember great and inspiring conversations. Great exchange! Acting with, for most of the colleagues - an open visor. Some of my colleagues have become real friends and intellectual sparring partners for me. This is due to the hands-on mentality at Detecon. And I am in intensive contact with many former colleagues via twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, so that the relationship has transformed rather than ever being broken off. Some of them I see regularly in Borussia-Park. With others, I'm in regular intellectual exchange on digital issues. Because Tocotronic already recognized the truth more than 23 years ago: Digital is better!

In which three hashtags do you describe Detecon?





Thank you very much for the interview, Heiko!