Detecon Alumni today: Hanane Bouzidi

From when until when did you work at Detecon? In what capacity?

I was with Detecon from October 2013 to February 2017. I worked as an intern for a short time, then as a Business Analyst and finally as a Management Consultant.

What were your most exciting Detecon moments?

It is difficult for me to describe a single moment. There were always a few special moments in between - and they either had to do with special people, special challenges or, quite simple, fun at work. For example, if I had successfully mastered a pitch at the customer's or carried out exciting projects both for my own knowledge community "Integral Business", as well as for the customer. A very personal highlight was when I performed as a DJ at the customer's. Or when I was given the chance to musically spice up the Detecon Upload event as well as various christmas parties.

Which company do you work for today? What is your main task there?

Today I work at Deutsche Telekom AG and develop innovative and creative formats for Deutsche Telekom's top management in the field of Leadership Development Framework and Design as Senior Expert. This includes Face2Face formats with 50 participants as well as large events with up to 700 participants.

What did you particularly value at Detecon and what do you miss from the 'old' times?

I still appreciate all the different people I worked with back then and the unconventional solutions we found for the most diverse challenges at that time. Above all, the high commitment of the people and the efficiency have remained in my mind.

I don't miss anything from the old days, because most of it still surrounds me today. And I'm grateful for that. Since I live in Cologne - and by the way not far from the Detecon Office, you sometimes meet me there on Fridays. I then work on my topics, hold workshops in the cool Future Work rooms for our team or I meet some of my dear colleagues from the old days.

In which three hashtags do you describe Detecon?




Thank you for the interview, Hanane!