Infrastructure will become invisible

from the series „Trends for the Next Decade“ (#9)

Infrastructure wird unsichtbar

Infrastructure will become invisible

In the course of the current cloud transformation, large monolithic applications are being replaced by flexible containers or microservices. Microservices will completely takeover. Here, the underlying infrastructure no longer needs to be considered in detail. Speed, scale and flexibility will strongly support the business on the road towards a cloud native world.

Our recommended actions

#1 Develop a cloud first governance with compliance rules. 

#2 Use a cloud adaption framework in order to cover all aspects of people, processes and technology. 

#3 Create an agile DevSecOps oriented organization. 

#4 Automate, automate, automate! 

#5 Setup comprehensive compliance rules and governance and automate the monitoring of it. 

#6 Use an EAM-tool in order to keep track on changes in the cloud environment und enrich it with business context to enable fast data driven business decisions. 

#7 Target much more flexible and scalable architectures such as serverlesss or function-as-a-service (FaaS). 

#8 Design and build serverless RESTful APIs in order to increase scalability, operational efficiency, security, reliability and availability.

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