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Issues that companies should address now

Im Fokus

The Detecon focus topics deal with the most important issues which, in our view, companies must deal with acutely in order to be fit for the competition of the future and to master future crises. The focus is on digitization: on the one hand to use it to create real added value for companies with the help of technology and on the other hand to make companies more efficient.

Digital Value Creation deals with new and digital business models and services, but also with innovative solutions for customer experience management.

With Digital Efficiency, the use of digital technologies makes it possible to achieve efficiencies in the company that could not be achieved with traditional efficiency programs.

All this requires a perfectly functioning infrastructure. Because without "Connectivity" there can be no digitalization. The topic includes the planning and implementation of networks, but also, for example, cloud or IoT solutions.

And in all strategies and planning, the focus is always on people. "People & Performance" defines the basis for adaptable and innovative organizational structures and a sustainable high-performance culture based on the three pillars of best place to work, best way of work, best work & learning culture.

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