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Fast Five Edition 60

Battle for 5G shifted into a new gear in the USA

There is a battle to deliver 5G between USA, Europe and China. The USA shifted into a new gear with the White House being ordered to setup a Spectrum Strategy Task Force to assess the government’s spectrum needs and to release unused spectrum for commercial use. Why is this necessary? The release of spectrum for more 5G deployment will have a positive effect on economic growth!

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Advancements in autonomous driving – and flying!!

The majority of autonomous driving trials are done in western U.S., but Ford is not following the mainstream. After running tests in Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Miami, Ford will start own trials of self-driving cars in Washington D.C. soon! And because it gets too busy on the streets, Uber aims to own the sky. Their latest job postings reveal that they are looking to hire talent to set up a drone food delivery service.

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Health Tech is reusing (your) data to target ads – and to ensure supply

In case you are continuously afraid that you may not be able to buy relevant medicine products when urgently needed, health tech is here to solve this agony! Kinsa, a tech start-up that sells internet-connected thermometers, is selling its data and it gets used to detect unusual spikes in certain counties. In these counties, according advertisement can be adjusted as well as that the supply of necessary products is being ensured.

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China vs US – If it comes to aggregate venture funding

Chinese firms have raised more venture funding than US startups in 2018. This is due to a large number of super rounds and the consistent growth in the number of smaller deals. However, China trails the US when it comes to SaaS startups as there is a significant focus on consumer app and services, with 12% of all VC deals being SaaS focused in China vs 70% in the US. It is worth noting that Cloud and SaaS based businesses have recently experienced headwinds which is likely the result of some overheating being removed from the market. Currently we have just entered Q3 reporting season where it is likely that there will be a mixed bag of results reported, with associated stock price volatility making it harder for IPOs flagged for 2019.

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Bradley is back in “the city”

After being in Europe for a project, the father and evangelist of the Fast Five has returned to our San Francisco office. We’re delighted to have you back with the team!

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