Emergency planning and workforce analysis

Against the background of the continuing unprecedented international health crisis, we support our clients in maintaining their ability to act. In particular, companies whose workforces are particularly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic face special challenges: They have to maintain operations, while at the same time replacing employees who have fallen ill and protecting healthy employees from infection. In this situation we develop a pandemic emergency plan together with our customers. This ranges from the inclusion of macro-economic scenarios, to the management of personnel planning, the provision of resources for critical roles that are planned daily at the level of individual employees, and support in the implementation of crisis communication management.

OrgVue", a tool from our partner "Concentra Analytics", is used to develop and evaluate different case scenarios based on the company's database.

In this way, we offer an emergency planning report to answer critical questions that company managers are confronted with and thus a forward-looking scenario modelling to set the framework for the future viability of the company.

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