Dr. Volker Rieger

Managing Partner

Volker Rieger is Managing Partner at Detecon. His view of digitization is strongly influenced by his career entry at Bosch/Blaupunkt at the end of the 1990s. As product manager for navigation systems (today Connected Car), he has experienced first-hand how technology companies have tried to shape new markets with start-ups and old-economy players. Digitisation, ecosystems, sector convergence and data-centric business models did not yet exist at the time, but the mechanisms of the new added value were emerging and fascinating to observe and shape.

With this experience, as a consultant he accompanied the transformation of the telecommunications industry for about 10 years and then turned his attention to the same challenge in the energy industry. What future options do infrastructure-based industries with 100 years of tradition and culture have in a digital world? Which assets and skills are also relevant for future success and where do new skills and business models have to be built up?

He learned that the hard changes (innovations) can only be shaped hand-in-hand with the soft (cultural change). This is why has dedicated himself intensively to this approach under the heading #CompanyRebuilding.

Areas of competence:
  • Company ReBuilding
  • Energy 4.0
  • Digital Transformation
  • Business Ecosystems
  • Data-centric Business Models
  • Internet of things/Industry 4.0
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