Digitization of schools

Increasing digitization is shaping and changing all areas of our lives. In the face of this development, digital competence is becoming an important prerequisite for social participation and professional opportunities. To drive digitization in schools, the federal government has made 5 billion in funding available until 2024 for investments in school infrastructure through the DigitalPakt Schule. In the meantime, the funding pot has grown to 7 billion euros thanks to additional programs from the federal government and 500 million from the states. But the digital transformation is progressing only slowly. In order to receive the funding, the school authorities must submit a media development plan outlining their specific needs and how their schools intend to use digital technology in the classroom in a way that makes educational sense. However, schools and school boards often lack the human resources and necessary expertise to plan IT equipment in a way that is appropriate for the school, to clarify legal aspects such as data protection, and to ensure reliable IT operation and support.

An overall concept for successful digitization

Detecon works together with the school authorities and schools to develop a strategic overall concept as a roadmap for the digitization of the schools and accompanies them during implementation. Our consulting and conceptual design are based on the "primacy of pedagogy", according to which pedagogical goals, concepts, and methods determine the use of digital technology. We plan for the long term and ensure that the network and servers, presentation technology, end devices and platforms are forward-looking and coordinated with each other, and are underpinned by further training for teachers and professional IT support. In addition, we support school boards in drawing up a financing concept for replacement purchases and further developments for the next few years. Our goal is to enable school operators and provide them with solution-oriented support so that they can use their share of the funding from the DigitalPakt Schule for network infrastructure and IT equipment in a targeted, pedagogically sensible and well-founded manner.

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