Digital Efficiency

Business continuity in times of Covid-19

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In order to maintain business continuity in corona times, it is particularly important to ensure the operational capability, liquidity and resilience of the organisation. In addition, companies must prepare for the time after Corona and make their organisation and service portfolio sustainable. This is where digital efficiency plays an outstanding role.

Detecon has put together a series of efficiency measures and checklists for our clients which enable intelligent short and medium-term improvement of corporate efficiency through the use of digital technologies. This creates financial leeway for investments in competitive business models in the post-Covid 19 phase.

The short-term efficiency measures focus on securing business continuity and liquidity through to virtual interim management in the event of resource shortages in the areas of ICT management, HR, finance and purchasing.

The medium-term efficiency measures support the development of a focused and virtualized service portfolio including business case scenarios for the post-Covid-19 phase through to efficiency improvements in the corporate value-added networks and in the cross-divisional areas (CIO, CFO, CHRO, CPO).

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