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Based in San Francisco, Detecon Inc. client engagements in the US focus on emerging technologies and business innovation. We help our clients from strategy, product conceptualization and ecosystem building to driving and managing the commercial deployment of products and services. Our consultants realize new business ideas, performance improvements and secure competitive advantages.  We apply latest tools and guide in an increasingly technological complex world. Edge computing, next generation connectivity, executive leadership, incubation & innovation as well as OKR management are among our fields of expertise which we bring to a range of clients: from small startups to global internet players and established companies in many sectors. Detecon consultants are already thinking about the future today!

As part of the Detecon Group, Detecon USA has a dual mission – serving as Detecon’s innovation beachhead and managing its Americas operations. Our clients are startups as well as top 3 internet companies in the Silicon Valley and established players in the US market.  Detecon’s presence in the heart of Silicon Valley allows us to tap into the world largest startup ecosystem and we make technologies, techniques and business models available to ours clients around the world.

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