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Opening of Digital Engineering Centers in Berlin 

  • Centers for Cyber-Security, Data Analytics, Co-Innovation, and Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) create a unique innovation hub
  • Accelerated realization of digital strategies through prototypes and proofs of concept
  • Partner network from the Telekom Group and the international hotspots for innovation
  • Keynote addresses by Dr. Christian Thomsen (president of TU Berlin), Björn Böhning (Director Senate Chancellery and State Secretary for Media), and Menny Barzilay (CEO and cyber security strategist at FortyTwo (Tel Aviv, Israel) 

Detecon International, Telekom’s in-house consultancy for management and technology, has established new Digital Engineering Centers that will enable clients to turn digitalization innovations into market-ready products rapidly. At the site of the telecommunications center in Berlin-Schöneberg, a location of historical importance for the business world, Detecon is bundling its technological expertise in four Centers (Cyber-Security, Data Analytics, Co-Innovation, and Industrial IoT (Internet of Things)) and utilizing the implementation solutions developed in close cooperation with clients to secure valuable synergies among these disciplines. 

“In developing the new Digital Engineering Centers, we orient our actions parallel to the digital challenges of our clients,” emphasized Heinrich Arnold, Detecon CEO. “We are expanding the added-value depth of traditional consulting services in two ways. On the one hand, we are taking a place in the world of research and innovation, a move that makes it possible for us to identify important developments at an early stage so that our clients can avoid possible technology shocks. On the other, we evaluate the technological feasibility of digital strategies – using demos, product and service prototypes, or proofs of concept, for instance – and work with our partners to take them all the way to realization,” explained Arnold in describing the goals of the new innovation hub.

In collaboration with the clients from the various sectors, with Telekom units who are leaders in their fields, and with strong external partners, Detecon wants in this way to provide effective support in the showrooms, creative departments, and data and security labs of the Centers along the full length of the digital journey of strategies and products. In concrete terms, the various Engineering Centers will devote their attention to the following tasks: 

  • Cyber-Security Center: Clients’ security levels are evaluated using cyber defense tests and other methods. Recommendations for actions based on security innovation scouting or security by design of products set the course for cyber-defense in digital business models.
  • Data Analytics Center: Companies are supported here from the moment of initial ideas to data-centric use cases to the architecture design and data management. Using big data tools and analytics algorithms, proofs of concept determine feasibility and lead seamlessly to realization. 
  • Co-Innovation Center: The Center cooperates with clients throughout the entire innovation and implementation process. Employing such methods as Design Thinking, Rapid Prototyping, Lean UX, and Agile Development, the Co-Innovation Center is the site for the realization of viable digital products and services.  
  • Industrial IoT Center: Using simulation concepts of the digital twin, the IoT Center under the direction of Managing Partner Uwe Weber (Detecon) supports clients in preparing information from products and objects in both the digital and real production world and throughout the full planning life cycle as a perfect fit. 

Close interaction with partners in the digital ecosystem

Steffen Kuhn, Managing Partner at Detecon and founder of the Digital Engineering Centers, points out especially the closely-spun network among the experts at the site and other innovation ecosystems: “Berlin is an especially favorable site for our intense interaction with many research institutions such as the TU Berlin and other digital hubs, startups, and innovators. But we also build on our many connections to world’s leading specialists such as the cyber-security ecosystem in Israel.” For instance, there is cooperation with the Ben Gurion University and its research laboratories in Beersheba.

Moreover, there is tightly-knit cooperation with all of the Deutsche Telekom units for all activities: “Whether IoT, security, or data analytics, collaboration with the experts from the business account, product, and network innovation departments is always very close – in complete harmony with the ideas of co-innovation and creation,” described Kuhn in his explanatory comments on the concept. 

The location at Winterfeldtstrasse puts the Digital Engineering Centers right in the Telekom innovation arena; the spatial proximity ensures the immediate cooperation with T-Labs, the startup incubator hub:raum, T-Systems, and others.

Opening of the Digital Engineering Center Berlin
Eröffnung des Detecon Digital Engineering Center in Berlin.

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