Detecon joins Kinetic Edge Alliance (KEA)


13 February 2019 - We, Detecon, are excited to join the Kinetic Edge Alliance (KEA)  as a founding Technical Partner along withVapor IO, Federated Wireless, Linode, MobiledgeX, Stackpath and Packet.

The KEA is an industry alliance of leading software, hardware, networking and integration companies committed to driving the broad adoption of compute, storage, access and interconnection at the edge of the cellular network, simplifying edge computing for the masses.

Detecon is looking forward to supporting the alliance to accelerate the rollout of edge computing across the US and beyond. This will provide an urgently needed platform for wireless operators and application providers to deliver new edge enabled product and services.

“We support startups and big enterprises in defining and executingtheir edge strategy with our global expertise in cloud computing and connectivity. Detecon is excited to be a founding member of the Kinetic Edge Alliance and bring to the table world-leading wireless infrastructure, product development and deployment know-how. We are committed to leverage our knowledge and push forward edge computing to build the next generation internet", says Stefan Wilhelm, CEO of Detecon, Inc.

We believe that an alliance is critical to develop and scale this nascent ecosystem if it is to be successful, and with the KEA members - we believe that we have the right mix of complementary expertise to affect this change.

Members of the Kinetic Edge Alliance (KEA)
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