Detecon ist Platinum Partner für Digital Maturity Model des TM Forum

Detecon Certified as Platinum Partner for the TM Forum's Digital Maturity Model (DMM)

Model measures progress of digitalization in telecommunications companies +++ For the first time, a tool-supported method for digital transformation harmonized for use throughout the industry

The TM Forum*) has officially designated the management and technology consultancy Detecon as a Certified Platinum Partner for the Digital Maturity Model (DMM). Detecon has been supporting the development of the maturity model from the very beginning and is a member of the leadership team in charge of this project. The objective is to establish in cooperation with partners the DMM as the de facto standard for digital transformation in the telecommunications industry worldwide.

The DMM is the first model harmonized throughout the industry for determination of the maturity of digital activities in telecommunications companies. It was officially introduced in September 2017 and has been available for use by companies since the beginning of 2018.

Corporate culture a success factor

The model determines the degree of a company’s digitalization progress at a strategic, operational, and cultural level. "The cultural aspect in particular is frequently a critical factor for telecommunications companies during digital transformation," declared Björn Menden, Managing Partner at Detecon. "The aim here is to start by creating transparency so that concrete actions for the reorientation of obsolete or entrenched structures can be drawn up during the next step."

Cross-industry companion on the journey to digitalization

"As a Certified Platinum Partner for DMM, we would like to accompany telecommunications companies on their path to digitalization," added Christian Dietze, Partner at Detecon. "We seek to provide support in answering questions like these: What does digitalization mean specifically for my business? What is the company's present position? And what specific form should its digital future take?"

Although the Digital Maturity Model has been developed primarily for the telecommunications industry, is can easily be utilized in other industries. "Many criteria and dimensions have been developed independently of any specific industry so that the model can superbly analyze the convergence trend of developing and using digital networked products across all industries, for instance," noted Christian Dietze in describing additional strong points of the model.

Further details about the Digital Maturity Model are available here:

*)The TM Forum is a worldwide association of about 850 companies. Its objective is to prepare guidelines, solution concepts, and standards for the telecommunications industry. One of its focal points is digital transformation.


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