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#WhatHappenedTo Carmen Adamschewski?

Detecon-Alumna Carmen Adamschewski
Detecon-Alumna Carmen Adamschewski

From when to when did you work at Detecon? What was your position?

After earning my master’s in the field of “Information Systems” in January 2010, I joined Detecon as a Business Analyst. Following an internal restructuring, I worked as Management Consultant until the end of 2013 and was active in various areas, including being a member of the Consultants Network Board (Finance, Mentoring, Events), a knowledge manager for application management, and an in-house trainer. Primarily, I played a part during various technological rollouts within the Telekom Group and also helped out during IT transitions and transformations of well-known companies.

What were the most exciting Detecon moments for you?

I would like to mention three highlights from my time at Detecon in particular.
FTTx rollout: I had the great fortune of collaborating in the FTTx pilots in my home region of Berlin. Decisions about the ongoing progress of the pilot were made on a day-to-day basis as necessary and tightly meshed, then successfully realized across departmental boundaries. The way clients and suppliers stood together shoulder to shoulder and the numerous and major workshops generated enormous enthusiasm for my work in me. I gained an overview of back-end functions as well as an understanding of technology for telecommunications companies.
Media startup TNA: As I was a member of the Consultant Network Board, the organization of events was one of my responsibilities. They included, for instance, the hub:raum event in Berlin. We provided pro bono consulting services to an African media startup as one of the first startups. Our development of the digital business model was demonstrated as a guest presentation at re:publica. For me, this was a thrilling opportunity to gain experience during the growth of a startup.
AllIP market analysis: In collaboration with the sales personnel of a telecommunications company, we prepared the technology changeover to AllIP for managing directors. We analyzed their special requirements and situations. These insights gave me an excellent overview of the market and also cast a stronger light on their social responsibility.

What company do you work for today? What is your primary field of work there?

After holding an interim position within Telekom at the interface of technology and finances, I became an international project manager for group-wide reporting at a Telekom subsidiary in Cologne. I am in charge of various projects with a focus on HR and other topics in both a national and international context and also provide support to management. We collect all reporting activities group-wide on a central reporting platform. This brings me into contact with various topics besides the usual business process reports, including, for instance, the review of the implementation of external and corporate responsibility. Another partial area is defined by the preparation of business reports for Deutsche Telekom AG.

What did you value especially highly while at Detecon, and what do you miss from the “old days”?

The high level of professionalism displayed by Detecon consultants made a very strong impression on me right from the multiple-day assessment center, and it continued to fascinate me throughout my time at Detecon. The multifaceted internationality at a high level made possible many interesting and varied projects in Germany and abroad as well as the valuable exchange of information for best practices. Although I did a lot of traveling during my time as a Detecon consultant and worked long hours, I felt I was part of the huge Detecon family. I still have close contacts to former Detecon colleagues, professionally as well as personally, regardless of where they now live and work.

What three hashtags would you use to describe Detecon?


Thank you very much for the interview, Carmen!

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