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Now Available in Germany: the successful concept from Silicon Valley

  • The master class for innovation experts: the successful concept from Silicon Valley makes its first stop in Berlin
  • Registration for the master class in Berlin on 19 and 20 February 2020 now being accepted at

Cologne, 09/01/2020 – The international management consulting company Detecon, headquartered in Germany, and Nectir, an innovative SaaS company from California, are offering the Corporate Innovation Master Class, a joint training program that rethinks innovation and idea management. Participants in the Corporate Innovation Master Class become pioneers for strategic, result-oriented innovation in their organizations.

Managers in innovative companies face the daily challenge of structuring innovations and ideas and implementing practical improvements. According to current surveys, however, a large proportion of employees in innovative companies do not see a clear relationship between their daily tasks and the declared goals of the company. This is a consequence of the inadequate transparency in innovation projects and the lack of communication of the business strategy.

Seeking to rectify this situation, Detecon and Nectir have joined forces and now offer a comprehensive solution. Detecon’s contribution to the project is drawn from its many years of experience in growth and innovation consulting and the expertise of more than 1,200 consultants worldwide. Nectir provides a powerful and intelligent software platform that is used for the efficient management of innovative ideas – from initial concept to team validation to successful implementation.

Become a future-oriented innovation expert with the Corporate Innovation Master Class

The Corporate Innovation Master Class is a two-day training program with certification that was created in San Francisco in 2019. In addition to the development of innovation awareness, the master class focuses on strategic orientation towards higher-level corporate goals and the implementation of validated innovations. During the master class, participants acquire the skills essential for establishing a cross-company innovation culture and implementing successful, employee-oriented idea management programs in the company. The program revolves around practical methods that can be applied to capture, validate, and implement the best ideas quickly – and achieve measurable results. Participants are trained in current methods and best practices for the development of innovation strategies and the establishment of ambitious OKRs.

“Today, more than ever, companies must identify and integrate innovative ideas from their employees if they are to remain competitive on rapidly changing markets. The strategic orientation of innovations is one of the most significant competitive advantages. Together with Nectir, we can ensure that all innovative ideas from corporate practice are successfully used to promote sustainably the overall strategy and growth of our clients,” said Philipp Schett, Director of Strategy Consulting at the Detecon Innovation Institute in San Francisco.

“Without the right tools to develop and manage ideas, groundbreaking innovations can be overlooked, so it is extremely important for companies to develop the right culture, strategy, and incentives to promote and implement successfully innovation projects,” said Tristan Maddigan, founder of Nectir.

Become an expert for innovation with the Corporate Innovation Master Class. The number of participants is limited, so don’t wait – register now! Additional information about the Corporate Innovation Master Class in Berlin on 19 and 20 February 2020 can be found at

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