Introduction of the GDPR at German Energy Supplier

The client is one of the leading producers of electricity in Europe. It also offers customers products and services in the area of efficient energy use. The client was faced with the challenge of orchestrating organisational and process-related adjustments that arose from the implementation of the European Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR).


Overall coordination of the implementation project to create an organizational, content-related, process-related and technical project framework.

  • Phase 1: Scoping and analysis phase for initial inventory of the current situation and definition of the plan for the actual implementation project
  • Phase 2: Management and implementation of the necessary measures in subprojects



  • On-time implementation of all necessary measures to ensure EU DS-GVO compliance as of 25.05.2018 while simultaneously taking into account the business and sales interests of the client.
  • Development of a deletion concept for handling personal data that both meets the requirements of the EU GDPR and takes into account the sales ability to act
  • Ensuring the sustainability of the implementation measures by anchoring new standard processes in the organization and implementing a comprehensive training and information concept


  • Efficient implementation of the EU GDPR
  • Securing business and regulatory requirements
  • Sustainable anchoring of data protection in the area of B2C Germany

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