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Digitalization of Administrative Services

The Online Access Act (OZG) is intended to drive forward the digital transformation in administration. As part of the OZG, 575 services were identified that are to be offered digitally by the end of 2022. The OZG implementation catalog pursues the greatest possible benefit for all citizens and companies and should not only address official responsibilities.

For this to succeed, many things must be interlinked: For example, specialized procedures must be given a uniform structure at the back end by means of standards and interfaces. At the front end, they should present themselves to citizens and companies as digital services. All "services" should also be available in portals, sorted according to their respective living and business situations. In addition, digital identification of the applicant and digital notifications will be possible.

Our Services

OZG consulting at the federal, state and local levels

Detecon supports a large number of clients in the implementation of the OZG. We follow the approach of user centricity: efficiency and attractiveness for citizens and businesses should increase. To achieve this, we focus on a high level of quality with simultaneous gains in effectiveness. A fully comprehensive service platform is intended to make the need to go to the authorities obsolete.

Federal Information Management (FIM)

The exponentially increasing number of digital citizen services requires structured and uniform processing and storage of data. To this end, the Federal Information Management (FIM) was launched to create a nationwide data standard. Citizen information should be able to use uniform data fields for forms and process specifications for administrative execution. FIM is made up of the three building blocks "services", "data fields" and "processes", whereby digital application and notification procedures run in a structured manner.

The FIM method case enables public authorities, specialist process manufacturers and IT service providers in public administration to easily access and use relevant FIM information. Synergy effects are created by solutions in reusable versions. The experts at Detecon have a sound understanding and are trained in the use of FIM. We will be happy to support you in introducing future digital administrative services in accordance with the FIM methodology.

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