IT Architecture & Infrastructure

A modern and secure IT infrastructure is the foundation of all the services, applications, and business models built on it. The IT infrastructure comprises the technical structures of cloud, data centers, IT equipment, platforms, and services. The creation of a state-of-the-art infrastructure requires a holistic approach that considers the technical design concepts and future requirements on the building, the technical facility fittings and IT hardware, and even the cloud environment.

Important requirements for the infrastructure are quality, security, economy, and ecology coupled with innovation, risk minimization, flexibility, scalability, and energy efficiency. An end-to-end assessment from analysis to implementation may mean adapting and modifying the data center and IT landscape by new construction, optimization, migration, or consolidation.

The goal is to find a data center and IT strategy that is an optimal fit with the business model and that ensures sustainability and a high level of service quality. We help our clients to develop the best possible data center and IT strategy and the right technical design and support them all the way to implementation.


Public administration is confronted with growing challenges to simplify operating models and reduce IT costs, yet at the same time heighten the level of flexibility. The use of cloud computing can meet these requirements and foster the modernization of the IT landscape.

There are, however, no standard solutions for cloud environments. Requirements specific to the given situation are a consequence of the IT infrastructure and processes currently in place, and every individual situation demands a matching cloud strategy. Detecon supports public administration in the development and implementation of the right cloud strategy.

Moreover, we stand by our clients as they travel the road from planning to implementation to final monitoring. Our certified IT architects design the optimal cloud architecture. We work closely with our sourcing consultants to select the best cloud partners for your digital ecosystem at the business level (BPaaS), application level (SaaS), and infrastructure level (PaaS and IaaS). During these activities, we take into account the complex legal, regulatory, and organizational factors while not neglecting the business side.

We pay especially close attention to information and data security for government authorities and public institutions. In collaboration with our cybersecurity experts, we develop secure cloud concepts and install safeguards for existing infrastructures.

Data scenter / IT Consulting

The infrastructures for data centers and IT are at the heart of all IT services and procedures in public administration. In view of advancing digitalization, the related new digital processes, and the explosive increase in data volumes, the expansion, renewal, and optimization of infrastructures in existing data centers and IT are imperative.

Innovative technologies and energy efficiency must be considered at every single point along the added-value chain. Detecon takes a holistic approach to aid clients in defining an optimal strategy for data centers and IT, including its subsequent operationalization and realization. All relevant aspects of safety, economy, quality, and environmental protection are considered and evaluated before being incorporated into the concepts and strategies. We have in the past had numerous opportunities to demonstrate our expertise over the course of various projects and to develop and implement precisely tailored target images of future landscapes for data centers and IT for our clients in the public sector.

Green IT

Green IT contributes to an IT infrastructure that conserves energy and makes effective and efficient use of resources. The entire life cycle – production, operation, and disposal – is optimized for the achievement of this objective. The growth of data centers and communication networks driven by digitalization is causing power consumption to rise. The consequence for public administration is a spreading carbon footprint as well as rising energy costs.

The awareness of climate change is putting pressure on the public sector in particular to fulfill its responsibility as a role model and to reduce its carbon footprint. Detecon helps public administration and its IT service providers to increase the energy efficiency of the IT infrastructure, reducing electricity costs and CO2 emissions. Other key areas of our consulting services are the purchase of electricity from renewable energy sources and recommendations for the purchase of IT hardware that has been produced using methods that conserve resources. Detecon also offers support during the analysis of the carbon footprint and the development of an action plan to realize a CO2-neutral IT infrastructure. The prioritized action plan includes recommendations for the reduction of the hardware inventory while maintaining the same level of service.

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