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Innovation trends and the need to digitize public services pose new challenges for Public BOSplus organizations, such as

  • Digital sovereignty of the organizations must remain guaranteed in the event of a crisis,
  • Availability and the use of trustworthy hardware and software components must be ensured,
  • New technology approaches and platforms must be understood, used and managed,
  • "Two-speed IT", the tension between stability and flexibility/further development of IT must be planned and implemented and managed,
  • "Digital First" - all benefits applications and services must be thought "digital" in the future,
  • Simplicity in the usability of IT systems and applications is the basis for their acceptance by the end user,

and last but not least, the maturity of the digital transformation in the organization must be taken into account and further developed.

By "Public BOSplus" we mean authorities and organizations of internal and external security, but also international institutions (Behörden und Organisationen der inneren und äußeren Sicherheit). We align our consulting services according to the customer's needs and network existing interdisciplinary and cross-industry experience with the specific project situation.

Detecon supports "Public BOSplus" clients in the subject areas of Digital Sovereignty, Digital Convergence, and Digital Public Services (DPS).

Our consulting portfolio for BOS

Our consulting services focus on the following topics

Digital Sovereignty
Digital Convergence
Digital Public Services (DPS)

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