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Increasingly difficult market for ICT service provider

ICT Service Provider

As the mesh in the networks of industries and supply chains becomes finer than ever before, encompassing even single machines, modern ICT service providers are forced to expand and improve their product line continuously. The providers must battle with significant challenges – declining margins, high cost pressures, and fast technological transformation.

IT service providers are forced to expand and improve their product line continuously as industries and supply chains become more tightly meshed, encompassing even single machines. The providers must battle with significant challenges – declining margins, high cost pressures, and fast technological transformation. Traditional ICT business has been struggling with declining revenues for a number of years, and many different competitors are flocking to the new cloud-based business branch.

Project Example: Growth Through Transformation

Detecon is guiding the transformation of a client with a focus on concentration on highly profitable business sectors entailing simultaneous product-oriented standardization. Scalable services are to be realized in an environment with demands for extremely high security. Detecon consultants support the client during this transformation process, from the development of a strategic concept to the operational implementation. The approach ensures that the traditional low-margin business model, largely based on outsourcing, is evolved into digitalized business models in new growth fields.

New Opportunities in Transformation

The interconnectivity of more and more devices presents the opening of additional business fields for IT service providers. The current market is swinging away from the highly customized solutions of the past and in the direction of cloud-based services. Security of data and functions, standardized solutions that can be implemented quickly, the setting up of platforms, and trouble-free integration into the client’s legacy IT landscape play a decisive role.

Project Example: Implementation of Cloud-Based Business Models

The goal of a Detecon project was the implementation of innovative cloud-based business models at the strategic level. Partnerships with ISVs (independent software vendor) on the basis of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS provision models were designed to make extensive use of the cloud, and various distribution channels and partner models were to be exploited. The Detecon consultants provided a broad foundation of support to the client, ranging from highly strategic to operational topics, and completed the project with the assurance of long-lasting success.

Long-lasting and Successful Changes Demand Comprehensive Skills

Detecon has had many years of consulting experience in the sector of IT service providers. Comprehensive knowledge of the market, solutions appropriate to the specific client’s needs, and profound technological know-how characterize the consultants’ work. We can build on this foundation to offer high-quality, sustainable, and dependable support to our clients in all the issues related to the transformation of their business.

Our Consulting Portfolio


360° Cloud - Comprehensive consulting portfolio for cloud computing

Detecon offers a holistic consulting approach on cloud computing combining strategy and business domains with hands-on technology expertise. Detecon‘s traditional DNA as an ICT Management Consultancy fully supports this positioning and ensures additional credibility.

  • Cloud computing continues to be a massive disruption in today’s IT world and forces companies to take action
  • Companies often decide on one of the following options: To either expand their service portfolio by offering innovative cloud services or to leverage cloud computing for sourcing especially dynamic IT demands to increase
  • The execution and operationalization either of these decisions poses a number of major challenges
  • Detecon successfully addresses precisely these types of challenges while professionally advising and guiding customers during their journey to the cloud

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